A New Way to Develop Leaders

Fun, actionable, engaging, and flexible experience to improve business performance and engage your team even if you are short on time, experiencing significant change or struggling with virtual teams.

Introducing Leadership Kits by Rethink + Reset

The ONLY all-in-one leadership training kit that has EVERYTHING a leader like you needs to engage your team, develop stronger leaders, overcome obstacles, and improve business performance!


Each month, we send you a Leadership Kit that helps you build one of the five critical leadership skills with your team. You get 3-5 activities in each kit with the flexibility to use all-in-one workshop training session, or use one on-demand and save the rest for another time.


Easily send the individual Leadership Boxes to your team if they can’t be in-person, read through the simple directions, and you are ready to go with less than 60 minutes of preparation. It’s REALLY that SIMPLE.

Finally, an easy way to improve team and business performance even if you are short on time, experiencing significant change, aren’t a leadership & development expert or struggling with virtual teams.

Positivity | Empowerment | Urgency | Vision & Communication | Creativity & Innovation

The leadership kits

Positivity leadership kit


What Is Included:

  • Keys for Positivity
  • Use of Positive Vocabulary
  • Journal on Gratitude
  • Incorporate Humor
  • Measure Your Happiness
  • Spreading Positivity

Empowerment Leadership Kit


What Is Included:

  • To be revealed

Urgency leadership Kit


What Is Included:

To be revealed…

Creativity & Innovation Leadership Kit


What Is Included:

  • 6 Creativity Techniques
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Divergent Thinking
  • Convergent Thinking
  • Rethink & Reimagine
  • Paint a Picture

Vision & Communication Leadership Kit


What Is Included:

To be revealed…

Peak Inside a Box


A Complete Leadership Kit

Everything from A to Z that you need to facilitate a training session for each topic above: Facilitator’s guide, materials for up to 10 team members, training presentation with knowledge content, and tools that maximize impact.


Pre-Designed Exercises

Leadership Kits come with 4 to 5 exercises for each Leadership topic. You have the flexibility to train your team on all exercises within one 90-minute workshop, or choose one exercise to help you and your team solve a pressing issue and save the rest for later.

Facilitator's Fantasy

No L&D certification, years of facilitation experience, or masters degree required. Simple step-by-step instructions make this a dream for any facilitator to easily pickup and run.

Videos and Pre-Work

No more boring online sessions or death by PowerPoint. Bring your team meeting to life with tangible tools that make people feel more connected even in a virtual setup.

Pre-Packaged Team Boxes

Whether your meeting is in-person or online, excite your team with a gift box of materials specially designed for easy delivery and maximum brain stimulation.


Action Plan Template

Capture the decisions and ideas coming out of your team meeting on the provided template so you can hold everyone accountable to take action.

Meeting Tools that Engage

Want someone else to explain why, what, and how-to of the exercise? Just share our video before or during your team session and focus your energy on capturing the session results.

Things you WON’T have to do if you subscribe to Leadership Kits:


Worry about how to solve your organization’s business challenges on your own


Figure out how to help your team become more creative & innovative, more positive, more empowered, understanding the vision & communicating it effectively, and acting with urgency


Waste time pulling together the materials and process for facilitating leadership development sessions


Scream in frustration at a lack of team engagement and ability to improve the business


Design leadership development sessions for managing change and crises


Understand how to build stronger relationships in a virtual environment


Spend boats full of money on outside expertise



As former leaders for some of the most renown and respected international organizations, we have over 50 combined years of experience in consulting, facilitating, and training teams. We are not leadership & development certified professionals, but we have developed 1000’s of leaders and facilitated 100’s of solution sessions over the years, and learned what works best in practice, not just in theory. After the initial shutdowns due to COVID, we knew we had to do something to make a bigger difference in our community.

With Amy’s expertise in change management, transformation, team psychology, operational excellence, and communication tools and Donald’s skills in positivity, delivering world-class service, building high-performing teams, and bringing out the best in people, we joined forces to help organizations overcome the operational and service challenges in a COVID world and thrive in the new environment. Little did we realize how many leaders wanted to tap into our expertise to lead their own sessions or would want our help outside of our area! This realization gave us the idea for Leadership Kits.

Our goal is very simple: to create the easiest, most intuitive, most results-driven, professional, fun, leadership kits that come with simple step-by-step instructions, ready-to use materials, tangible tools, and effective exercises that are designed so that even a left-brain thinker like Mr. Spock could feel comfortable facilitating (and the team still enjoys it!) while getting the desired results.


We make it super simple to develop the most critical leadership skills within your team so you can spend more time, money and resources on running your business successfully. Here’s how we do it:

Choose One or All Five

First, choose if you only want this month’s leadership kit for now, or if you want to sign up for all five monthly leadership kits. There is tremendous change happening in the world today and each of the five monthly leadership kits gives you and your team more tools and skills to successfully maneuver through this change.

In each leadership kit, we provide 4-5 tools and exercises that you can immediately implement in your business today to engage your team, develop stronger leaders, overcome obstacles, and improve business performance. With tools and materials for 10 team members, each leadership kit saves you money starting at only $35 per team member.  

Delivered Monthly to You

You will receive your Leadership Kit around the 20th of the month. When it arrives, you will be thrilled to see that we have packaged the tools and materials for each individual participant. If your team will meet on-site, each box can be set out nicely to delight your team members upon arrival for your 1st team meeting or training session.

Are any of your team members remote? No problem, simply put a mailing label on the individual participant boxes and drop them in the mail in time for your virtual team meeting or training session. No more boring webinars or team meetings now that you have turned a 2D meeting into a 3-Dimensional experience! 

Ready to Lead

Nothing is better than saving valuable time, which is why we have done all of the heavy lifting for you. Inside each Leadership Kit, you will find a simple facilitator’s guide along with a USB that contains all of the videos and materials you need to facilitate the most engaging, fun, and impactful training session with your team.

And the best part? It will only take you less than 60 minutes of preparation each month. No certifications or advanced degrees required. Easy peasy! 

That’s it! Three simple, easy steps that reduce the time, energy, and resources you spend on Leadership Development all while making you look like the most brilliant boss of the year!

Enjoy the team dynamics, tap into the genius that already exists on your team, and bask in the fountain of sweet stress-free success! You deserve it!


The ONLY all-in-one leadership training kit that has EVERYTHING you need to engage your team, develop stronger leaders, overcome obstacles, and improve business performance

even if you are short on time, experiencing significant change, struggling with virtual teams, or aren’t a leadership & development expert. 

common questions

What are Leadership Kits?

Each Leadership Kit is an all-in-one leadership development experience with all of the materials, instructions, and tools you need to develop your team’s most critical leadership skills through training and immediately usable techniques. Each kit relates to one of the 5 Leadership Skills most needed in the world for 2021: Creativity & Innovation, Urgency, Positivity, Empowerment, and Vision & Communication.

What if I don't like the Leadership Kit?

Leadership Kits by Rethink + Reset comes with our full 100% money back guarantee!

You must be absolutely convinced that our Leadership Kits by Rethink + Reset are the absolute best product you have ever witnessed, used or even heard about.. or just let us know and we will gladly refund every single penny.

Just drop us a message through Facebook within 30 days from the delivery of the kit you didn’t like.

Are the Leadership Kits really as good as they sound?

ABSOLUTELY! Using Creativity & Innovation, Empowerment, Positivity, Vision & Communication, and Urgency are clearly the keys that have not only helped our clients but some of the most successful companies in 2020 to thrive and take advantage of the new opportunities created from so many recent disruptions. We believe 100% that you will find these tools useful, engaging, and easy in coming up with new and successful solutions to your organization’s challenges.

Who buys Leadership Kits?
  • Leaders who want to incorporate better tools into team meetings and improve their business performance through team engagement.
  • Leaders who want to develop better leadership skills and enhance team performance within their teams.
  • HR leaders and Learning & Development consultants who want tools to support their clients without the time to pull everything together.

It’s pretty easy… leaders who are willing to make a small investment into their team leaders (<$50 per team member per month!) to make big strides forward in their business performance and team engagement!

When can I expect my Leadership Kit?

Leadership Kits are mailed by the 20th of each month and will arrive within 1-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail.

How long will it take me to prepare for training session with my team?

We have designed the Leadership Kit to be easy for facilitators. Plan an hour to ensure boxes are delivered to team members in advance of the meeting and you get a chance to review the Instructor’s guide and steps for a successful leadership development meeting.

Are there any ADDITIONAL costs?

Shipping inside the continental United States is $15 – 25/ leadership kit. We do not ship outside of the continental United States at this time.

  • Subscription: Save even more money with a monthly subscription for the next 5 months. Each month, we will provide a full Leadership Kit dedicated to developing the 5 most important leadership skills needed for 2021: Creativity & Innovation, Positivity, Empowerment, Vision & Communication, and Urgency. It’s like a monthly Christmas package of easy-to-use, professional, and fun tools that are guaranteed to win you the “Leader of the Year” award.
  • Additional Participant Boxes: If your team has more than 10 people, you may order a few more leadership boxes for each of the team participants. There is an additional fee plus shipping for each individual leadership box based on which package you select.


Where do you ship?


Leadership Kits can be shipped to anywhere in the United States. Standard shipping is $15-25 in the U.S. depending on where you live.

What if I have more than 10 team members?

While each Leadership Kit offers tools and materials for 10 team members, we understand that sometimes more are needed. No problem! When you checkout, just select how many extra Individual Participant Boxes you need and add it to your order. Easy peasy!









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